Endorsements on LinkedIn verify your experience and aptitude in your given area of concern. You select the skills that you want to showcase in the Skills & Endorsement field of your profile. After doing so, you wait for others to agree with this self-judgment and take some time to endorse you on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn endorsements can help you be easily approached by parties benefitting you in the said industry. You can also endorse others on LinkedIn and give them the chance to flourish professionally.

Why is Endorsement Important?

Endorsements are a feature on LinkedIn that gives you a chance to showcase your expertise and judgment about others’ skills on the platform. You can simply go on their profile page, search for a skill you think they have, and endorse for the skill on your own.

For starters, endorsement helps in validating your specialization in a said field. It is a way through which people in your connection can help you verify all the details you have written on your resume on LinkedIn.

It also helps you to remain in contact with your network without the need to be interacting with them. As you do endorsements for the other on the LinkedIn profile, you would not have to be worried about throwing yourself in an awkward situation and text them. In most situations, when you endorse others, they return the favor and do your endorsement as well.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

Follow the simple steps below so you can endorse someone on LinkedIn.

  1. Log into your profile and choose the “My Network” option at the top side of your home page. Choose the “Connections” option written on the left side of the page and choose the one you would like to endorse. Just search for the person using the search bar.
  1. Check the option of “Skills& Endorsements” written among other page sections and see the skills the person has enlisted. Select the skill you will like to endorse.
  1. Click on the option for “+” in blue color and choose the endorsement that you want to give to the person.
  2. Choose the option for “Select a Relationship” from the dropdown menu and clarify how you know the person.

You will get a checkmark appearing beside the endorsed skill, indicating the success of the endorsement process.

How to Accept an Endorsement from Someone Else on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn endorsements don’t just pop up by themselves on the profile; you will first need to accept those endorsements made for you. You will get a notification on the account through different ways, such as email on getting an endorsement. Select the notification and then accept the LinkedIn endorsement.

How to Turn Off an Endorsement from your LinkedIn Profile?

If you think for some reason that extra endorsements will make your account look rather fishy, or if the skills they are endorsing are not what you want the account to show, you can turn off these kinds of endorsements for as much as you want. You can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the profile page and go to the section stating “Skills & Endorsements,” click on the pencil icon on the section.
  1. Go to the popup window’s bottom section and choose “Adjust Endorsement Settings,” then go towards the “I want to be endorsed” tag and toggle it to “No.”

Now you know how to endorse on LinkedIn. These are some of the ways through which you can give endorsements, accept them, and turn them off when you don’t want them on your LinkedIn profile page according to your choice. If you want to have a polished profile you should check our LinkedIn Profile Check. It’s free.

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Niclas Schlopsna

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