For those knowing the importance of having a bomb LinkedIn profile, a LinkedIn connection request is nothing new. After all, everyone who is serious about displaying their profiles out in the cyber world knows that merely creating a killer account is not enough. You need to update and maintain your account, and building connections is one thing you should be doing in this regard, especially in a site with more than half a billion users.

According to statistics, bout 50% of the site users have logged on to their LinkedIn accounts with no updates and connections, resulting in empty and outdated accounts. The key to success is to connect with your concerning parties through LinkedIn Connection Requests

Why Do I Need to Make Connection Requests?

Whether you are actively engaged in opportunity searching or wanting to look out for future career or business prospects, expanding your networking through connection requests on LinkedIn will help you rank higher among your competitors in every way.

How to connect with people on LinkedIn?

You just need to follow these steps to make sure you make the best connections that actually help you make beneficial connections.

Show your Interest

Don’t make your shot randomly; it never impresses. Check out their profile, do some thorough research, and find out what is relatable to your profile. If you think something is relevant to your interests, mention that thing – it can be anything, a video, a workshop, an article, and whatnot. Start your LinkedIn connect message with something that tells about them.

Show what you have in Common.

Tell them why you found that particular piece interesting, tell them how you are working, or plan to work on the same thing in the LinkedIn invitation – it is best to show your deep research and genuine curiosity in the topic so you can show authenticity.

Tell Them your Purpose

You can’t connect with them without a specific purpose. After you have given them an idea of your authenticity and now that you have gained interest, it is the perfect time to tell why you are connecting with them in the first place. Keep it straightforward and humble. Be specific and share any details you might think would be important to tell.

Make a Request

Stick to your purpose and insert what you want from the receiver. Make it mutually beneficial so that they know they are not wasting their time reading the message. End the note with a humble and personal phrase.

The Five C’s

Remember, your message should have these five C’s to make it effective.

  • Calm
  • Consistent
  • Curated
  • Career-oriented
  • Caring

Tips to Follow:

  • Use the already existing network – as you create your profile on LinkedIn, make sure that you form connections with the people who already know you. Sync your email contacts and find friends through the account search bar.
  • Ask for introductions – if you establish connections with someone you have no idea of, you need to look for mutual connections. Ask for connections for introducing and be polite in the process when you are explaining your purpose for wanting introductions.
  • Maintain your LinkedIn connections – as you connect with people, try to stay engaged with those people on LinkedIn. Leave your comments on the posts they share. Try to listen to any special requests they might make when you have the capacity to do so. It will help you get better opportunities.

This is how to connect with someone on LinkedIn. How about some sample LinkedIn connection requests?

LinkedIn connect message Examples:

LinkedIn Contact Example 1

Subject: For building connections

Hey Harris!

I came across an article recently written by you that highlighted the prospects of customer services. I found it quite resonating with my thoughts, specifically the viewpoint of training chatbots for customer support.

I’m in the IT sector for the customer support team at Team Go Get This. I would love to stay in touch with you and gain more insight into your work.



It looks like a great LinkedIn contact message to use when asking someone on LinkedIn to connect with you to build better connections. The default message of “I will like adding you to my professional LinkedIn network” for this purpose would be too offsetting. Notice how the author extracted a relevant point and used it to appreciate his insight.

LinkedIn Contact Example 2

Subject: Maintaining Contact

Dear Sandra,

It was a refreshing experience to speak to you at the International Conference last week. Honestly, I enjoyed the productive exchange we had, especially your experience with your project in Manhattan. I’d really want to stay in touch with your career to get some inspiration for sure!

Take care!



It is another type of message or LinkedIn invitation message that shows a degree of professionalism and friendliness with someone you have met for the first time and are also connected with on LinkedIn. Make sure you know each other on LinkedIn as well and break the ice.

LinkedIn Contact Example 3

Subject: Messaging an Established Connection

Hi Alex,

I just got to read from your LinkedIn profile that you were recruiting business graduates in California. I have recently graduated from the University of California with a degree in Business Analysis. I’ve done some internships in my summer vacations where I have worked with some well-renowned organizations. It would be a great help if you check out my profile and let me know what I need to do to be eligible for the job.

Thanks in advance!



This one is a great LinkedIn connection request that establishes your position as a capable candidate for a job in the eyes of a recruiter. Make sure you have a killer profile that impresses the recruiter so that you can confidently type this text.

How to Reach Out To Someone on LinkedIn?

Now, you know how to connect. These were some of the insights and LinkedIn connections examples you can use to amplify your success as you use LinkedIn. It’s great to get creative as long as you are sticking to the main points we have explained in the article. You should try our free LinkedIn Profile review to learn how to improve.

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