LinkedIn is widely used by business professionals and is considered the best way to connect, market, and network with new contacts. The platform allows a simple structure to find and interact with business professionals. All you need to do is search and connect with them to showcase your talent and experience.

The platform is also notable for its transparency. You can find people who have visited your profile on LinkedIn who viewed my profile page, and likewise, others can find out if you have looked them up. But what if I tell you that there is a way to remain anonymous while searching around LinkedIn! Did you know that there is a LinkedIn private mode as well?

If not, just hang in there! We have got all the details for you.

You just need to understand how to use LinkedIn private mode and adjust the settings optimally. Keep reading as we will explain private mode, how to utilize this adaptable setting, and what kind of results you can anticipate from it.

LinkedIn Private Mode

The private Mode of LinkedIn was introduced in 2015 by LinkedIn developers. This feature helps the users adjust the information they want to share while visiting the profile of other users.

In LinkedIn, when you visit someone’s profile, your information gets saved for that user. So, whenever that user logs in, they can see who viewed their profile.

The private Mode LinkedIn allows user to maintain their anonymity while they look up other profiles.

The Function Of Private Mode

The private mode function has two main features. First, it allows the user to visit other users’ profiles anonymously, and second, it removes all the data that could be used as a trail to trace your identity.

Hence, it gives the assurance to safely look around and search for people to find connections that can genuinely help you out.

How To Turn On The LinkedIn Private Mode On Laptop?

To turn on the LinkedIn private mode, simply follow the steps below;

  • 1: Log in to your LinkedIn profile.
  • 2: Now, click on your small profile picture to go to your profile page.
  • 3: Click on the navigation bar on the top right corner.
  • 4: Click on settings and privacy.
  • 5: Now select the option of editing your public profile.
  • 6: There, you will find the option of “your profile’s public visibility.” Click on the option to switch from public to non- public.

LinkedIn Private mode menuHow To Activate The Feature On Your Mobile App?

If you wish to use the private mode LinkedIn feature, you don’t necessarily have to do it on your laptop or desktop. You can simply do it on your LinkedIn mobile app. The mobile app gives you the ease to select between public, partially public, or private on just one click.

Follow the simple steps mentioned below and turn on the Private Mode on mobile;

  • 1: Go to the LinkedIn app on your phone.
  • 2: Next, click on your profile icon on the upper left corner.
  • 3: Click on the link “View profile.”
  • 4: Click on the gear option on the upper right corner.
  • 5: There, you’ll find the privacy option on top. Click on it.
  • 6: Click on the profile viewing options.
  • 7: Next, select what you want to share with the users visiting your profile. There are three setting selections from the public to completely private.

It’s critical to note that your choices are somewhat more restricted in the mobile menu than when you are using LinkedIn on your PC. You can undoubtedly switch between the three diverse security settings on a cellphone; however, you can’t adjust and control the data showed on mobile as much as it is possible on your PC.

On the off chance that you need more power over what your viewers see at your profile, you should make these modifications on a PC, or change your cell phone to work area mode while searching the LinkedIn site using your browser instead of the mobile app.

Can Everyone Access This Feature?

Yes, all LinkedIn users can use the feature of private mode. A premium account is not necessary to enable LinkedIn private mode.

Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Use The Private Mode?

Different people use LinkedIn for different reasons. If you are employed and are looking for more opportunities at other organizations, it would be a good idea to create a LinkedIn profile and use private mode. This would prevent employers from tracking your record.

In contrast, if you are using LinkedIn for networking, it is better to keep your profile public. It helps in making more connections and building new contacts. Besides, it opens the door for more opportunities.

So choose the LinkedIn private mode wisely by considering your purpose of using LinkedIn.

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