According to a report by Forbes, 85 percent of vacancies for jobs are filled via business networking. This number explains the need for business professionals to build active connections online to multiply their chances of getting hired. No wonder business networking platforms are becoming the need of the hour for every professional who wants to make an impact.

As a business professional, you would be looking for platforms tailored to entrepreneurs with concerns relevant to growing their business, such as legal advice, product development, and B2B marketing. Fortunately, there are business platforms built to help you with everything. So, let’s begin the list of top business platforms.

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LinkedIn, with its 740 million members, including over 55 million registered companies, is a social networking platform geared toward business professionals. It is a place to promote your startup, finding freelance work or a traditional job, and establishing connections with venture partners. As it is the biggest career networking site, there is an unlimited supply of network connections and job opportunities.

  • As a part of your public profile, you are able to showcase testimonials. LinkedIn profile is a fantastic way to your knowledge, leadership expertise, and credibility.
  • You are able to view your colleagues’ connections and references as you engage with potential clients. Not to forget, your connections can endorse you and your skills. No wonder, it  ranks among the top business networking platforms.
  • This professional networking platform has an incredible privacy setting.
  • A professional can apply for roles directly using LinkedIn apply, save job searches, and flag to recruiters that he/she is open to hearing about opportunities.

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Meetup is a social networking platform that enables you to create and seek local meetups online. As you register (it’s free), you’re able to mark your interests. It will then make you notified of any kind of local meetups that are according to your interests when they are created.

These include a diverse variety of topics from hobbies to professional topics and everything that comes between. If you cannot find a meetup that interests you or that fits your schedule, you can set one, and the platform will notify anyone that appears to be a subject of interest to them.

This online business network platform is especially an excellent tool to grow business for small businesses as you can join a group or create one besides finding or creating an event.

The platform for people with similar interests boasts has amazing 23+ million members in 180 countries.

online business platforms


With Xing, you can stay updated regarding the latest news happening in your industry and have an update of relevant tradeshows and seminars. You can search for jobs, research companies, and even post jobs. This German professional networking platform founded in 2003 is more popular in Europe than in the US and is in active use by professionals in over 200 countries.

You can even call it a German equivalent to LinkedIn, where professionals from all types of different industries can meet up, find jobs, new assignments, colleagues, experts, cooperation partners, and more.

Although it comes with free registration, you can unlock some additional features by getting a premium membership and enjoy added benefits, just like LinkedIn.

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This professional networking place is quite unique in that it powers over a hundred popular websites for jobs. It has been doing so since 2009 but was launched officially in 2015 as a career website. Due to this, Jobcase comes with the accessibility to a wealth of data about different open rules and enterprises that hire for roles that might be of your interest.

Through Jobcase, you are able to set up your profile and get access to a grand database of vacancies. What’s more, you can join different groups, enjoy vital learning resources and even peruse the community to participate in different discussions. The platform has over a 110million registered members and 18+ million unique visitors per month, so you have a lot of variety for discussions.

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Bark is made for connecting users with local professionals seeking their services. If someone wants a professional’s assistance right on hand, they can cut down on the waiting time and use this platform as the quick search tool.

Bark will reach out to different business professionals in your locality, circling back with estimates. You can also set up a profile and get paired up with prospects that seek out the services you provide.

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Opportunity is also an online business platform with the proclaimed tag of “professional matchmaking.” For example, users are notified every time anyone in their corresponding market indicates something they need what the user is offering. Similarly, users are notified of the job vacancies.

What’s more, professionals are able to discover different professionals depending upon their selected preferences such as age, gender, etc., as it serves the purpose of lead generation and referrals. The best thing about this site is that you can integrate it with LinkedIn to receive alerts for job opportunities and more. Its advanced algorithm matches you with appropriate job opportunities.

These were some of the best business networking platforms every business professional needs to know in 2021.

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