LinkedIn, without a doubt, is a platform most favored by professionals and businesses globally but why is that so? Let’s find out:

Although many people see LinkedIn as a business platform for job seekers and growing professional networks, it is also an effective tool for nurturing relationships by referrals and generating new business leads. According to an estimate, 84 percent of the platform users generated a lot of opportunities using LinkedIn for business.

Among many uses of LinkedIn, using a company page, for example, offers your business the chance to engage with followers, share your enterprise’s story, put out career opportunities, and much more.


Is LinkedIn More Powerful Than Other Business Platforms?

Given the interactive features that make LinkedIn stand out from the rest of the career-oriented social media platforms for B2B and B2C communications, LinkedIn is proven to be the most impactful. In a study, it has been shown that LinkedIn is able to create 277 percent more lead generation than Twitter and Facebook.

There are many dedicated career networks such as Meetup or Xing, but LinkedIn tends to beat the competition quite smoothly.

Let’s take Meetup, for example. The platform helps you connect with organizations and business individuals with mutual interests, but it doesn’t give you the edge to share a trail of your company’s story the same way LinkedIn allows you to do. It is also more locally focused and does not come with detailed and all-inclusive features as LinkedIn.

Xing helps you stay in touch with the latest stuff regarding the industry you are in, and you can research companies, look and post for jobs and much more using the platform. It is pretty much like LinkedIn but isn’t globally recognized like LinkedIn, which makes it a little constrained.

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LinkedIn Careers

Why Is LinkedIn So Powerful?

LinkedIn follows the simple principle of proactivity. People can promote their skills or businesses using this platform in several ways that allow them to optimize their marketing strategy.

Posting Status Updates

Just like any other networking platform, you can include updates through LinkedIn, and you can share what you are working on, who you are working for, and more. It enables you to share with your recruiters how you can help them achieve their goals.

Group Participation

LinkedIn also provides its users to join groups on platforms where they can do discussions and establish connections with experts in the field. It helps to broaden your perspective on the community level and encourages you to play your part in bringing solutions to the table.

Building Extended Connections

Although all network platforms share this feature of helping you form connections, LinkedIn takes it a step further. Through its “personalized” message feature, it allows you to establish connections with professionals having similar interests in the field.

Advertising in a Platform

Not all business platforms allow you to make use of paid advertisements. Luckily, LinkedIn comes with this option and helps you get your business right in front of your targeted clientele.


Added Benefits of LinkedIn

94 percent of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn as their primary platform to distribute content. It becomes easier to analyze changes happening in your industry and track your competitor’s accomplishments if you visit the company pages of businesses. You can note content strategies of other enterprises, which will help you see trends and opportunities for recruitment and growth areas for your company.

Google ranks LinkedIn posts and company pages high in the search results. So, updating and optimizing posts on LinkedIn for SEO will pretty much help you attract your targeted audience within the industry. Resultantly, the visitor traffic will increase, and it’s especially true when there are backlinks to your site which are embedded in your posts.

LinkedIn also helps you have a deep analysis of your profile or company page so you can have an update about how your company is performing on the networking platform. It does so by:

  • Checking the level of engagement of your individual posts
  • Identifying the trends across the key metrics
  • Figuring about the follower sources and demographics
  • Understanding about company page activity and traffic

A LinkedIn company presence will help you prospect and network for some quality sales leads and establish a sound public image on a global scale. As you appear as a reputable organization, you improve your enterprise’s chance to generate leads, build referral relations, and connect with people having mutual interests in the field.


LinkedIn For Business: Final Words

In simple words, LinkedIn is an all-inclusive business and career growth website. Where most such websites have few features and functions, LinkedIn has them all in one place, making it easier for individuals and businesses to grow.

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