LinkedIn has enabled businesses and individuals to expand their network, make strong alliances, and discover like-minded professionals, which eventually made this social site the world’s largest professional network. In fact, LinkedIn is the second most popular platform among B2B marketers right after Facebook.But obviously, you need the right strategy to shine no matter what the platform is which here means LinkedIn profile optimization.

Optimizing your LinkedIn profile with just the right keywords will not only help you gain more traffic to your profile but can also help you meet prospective buyers, form new business relationships, and even find a suitable candidate for the vacant post available in your office. So, to make your personal or business profile visible on LinkedIn and to rank higher, you must apply SEO techniques to it.


Importance Of An Optimized LinkedIn Profile

In simple words, with a strongly SEO-optimized LinkedIn profile, you can achieve professional benefits that you might not have considered achievable without.

As per stats, LinkedIn has over 277 million users. About 94% of recruiters find LinkedIn effective while checking on potential candidates, and about 53% of B2B companies convert leads to potential customers through LinkedIn.

So, having an optimized LinkedIn profile can lend better job options, increase brand awareness among customers, and help you reach companies belonging to the same school of thought.


Now, How To Optimize LinkedIn Profile?

With LinkedIn indexed regularly by Google, you surely understand the meaning of appearing on the first page of Google search results.

So, if you have been treating your LinkedIn profile as passing by resume, it’s time you start optimizing your LinkedIn profile or company page to rank higher both on Google and on LinkedIn search. The method of getting an optimized SEO LinkedIn profile is relatively straightforward.

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Get A Customized LinkedIn URL

Having your custom-made URL can improve your SEO ranking in no time. Giving your profile or business page a customized URL will rank it higher in the search engine, and thus your profile will appear at the top when searched for the keywords in the URL.

LinkedIn will guide you on how to create a custom URL for your website. But to create a catchy and unique URL for your personal or business profile, make sure to use variations of your name.


Create Backlinks

Backlinks are also a productive way of generating more traffic for your LinkedIn profile and vice versa. Google algorithm utilizes backlinks to create page ranking, so it is a super-easy way of making your LinkedIn profile visible. To create backlinks, you can either link your LinkedIn profile with your official website or with your blog posts. And for a client’s searching you on LinkedIn, link the URL of your website with your LinkedIn page.

When you guest post on other people’s blogs, you can use the author bio to link your LinkedIn profile, making more people visit you there.


Include Keywords In Profile Description

Your profile, along with your cover photo, depicts the true nature of your business or services, while an SEO-optimized profile will make sure to make you stand out among others.

Use the headline space to give quick details about your business using accurate keywords that attract customers to your profile. You must utilize the “Experience” section to describe your business, talk about your achievements, highlight your accomplishments, and let your profile talk about you.

However, make sure to put in the necessary keywords and phrases that sounds engaging and give the viewer a complete insight into your business. Also, the keywords will be indexed by Google improving your online presence.


Build A Strong Network

Expanding your professional network is the primary motive of LinkedIn. According to Rick Stomphorst, LinkedIn search results “elevate results for a connection within a network.”

In simpler terms, LinkedIn prioritizes the search results based on your first connection and then comes the connections of your connection. So, try to improve your connection on LinkedIn and make yourself friendly with people belonging to your niche. This will help your profile pop up in the top search results.

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Publish Engaging Content

Publishing entertaining and informative content for your targeted audience always brings positive outcomes. But according to stats, among the 500 million users on LinkedIn, only 0.2% have published an article using LinkedIn’s profile post option.

LinkedIn is a great place for displaying your writing skills. Publishing high-quality content can improve your trustworthiness while also pushing more traffic towards your LinkedIn profile. You can even post videos to make your profile more captivating for your target market.

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Create Hashtag Post

Who doesn’t know the power of hashtags? Well, hashtags can bring your customers, client’s and businesses directly to your profile, making you more noticeable on the social media site.

Use hashtags in your posts, either the ones suggested by LinkedIn or your own. The right hashtag befitting your published post will make you more popular on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn Profile Optimization: Final Thoughts

LinkedIn is an influential and effective way of making your business and a personal profile interactive, engaging, and appear on the very top of search engine results. By implementing simple SEO optimizing techniques, you can strengthen your online status and bring more online traffic to your business and find perfect job vacancies right according to your wishes.

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