Emphasize what makes you an industry expert with our LinkedIn™ Personal Brand Setup

Clear definition of your standing within the industry

Determine what you want to be known for

Raise awareness for the value you provide for your network

LinkedIn Profile Makeover

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Your LinkedIn profile is much more than the online version of your CV or resume.

It's your gate into a world of new business connections that result in getting your dream job, landing your next deal or getting to know your future business partner.

What you will receive:

A complete makeover of your LinkedIn profile, including

  • freshly designed banner image
  • concise and sophisticated tagline
  • an "About" section that outlines your expertise and values
  • your experiences showcased through our self-developed ParaTag SEO-optimized formula with a strong focus on your achievements and written in a way that will grab recruiters' and business partners' attention
  • all other relevant information emphasized in the most professional way
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Before I booked the personal branding service of brandvidual I only used Linkedin to read other posts. Today it is my main source of income.

Ben ThomasHead of Sales, Dwix

The LinkedIn personal branding service of Niclas & Alex is like making a digital application to companies without having to apply.

Isaac RobertsSenior Consultant, Shell

I have received a detailed document with instructions on how to position myself on LinkedIn. It was a great experience to work with Niclas and Alex.

Amelia EvansCyber Security Officer, OnePC

The process was super smooth. After my consultation call with Niclas and Alex from brandvidual I knew that they will create something great.

Emma HallVenture Development, Ignite

Our process


Let’s talk first

After booking your LinkedIn™ Personal Brand Setup we will have a call for around 45 minutes where we dig deeper into the matter of what aims and targets you want to achieve on LinkedIn™.

Crafting your most individual social media asset

With the information we gathered we continue to outline a highly valuable report about you in your industry and which methods you should consider and which measures you have to take.

Excel on LinkedIn™ and continue to grow your personal brand!

Applying our strategies, you will soon understand yourself what it takes to strengthen your personal brand and establish yourself as an expert and leader on LinkedIn™.

LinkedIn™ Personal Branding Service

Establishing and growing your LinkedIn™ personal brand is neither something that happens over night nor something that we can do for you entirely. What we can and love doing instead, is analyzing your status quo and the goals you want to accomplish in the future and guide you towards building a personal brand on LinkedIn™ that will comply with them.

In that analysis, we will cover topics like How do I determine what is important for my industry and audience? or What trends are crucial for me in my position? and certainly more. We then give specific advice on these topics so that you can start acting instantly! If you want we can also take over your LinkedIn™.

Our LinkedIn™ Personal Branding Setup has many benefits

  • Looking for a job? With a strong personal brand on LinkedIn™, you are more likely to be found by recruiters when sourcing actively for candidates. Your advantage? Less application writing and more offers of jobs that will boost your career!
  • Want to increase your sales? It has never been so clear as now that people buy from people, not companies. Expressing trustworthiness will make potential leads familiarize yourself with the leading heads (you!) behind the company and engage with you to become your next clients
  • Searching for your next business opportunity? So do many others on LinkedIn™ and those are more likely to choose you as their next business partner when your LinkedIn™ Personal Brand catches their attention and shows off your knowledge.

Why you should feel in safe hands with us

Well, we have worked with clients from world-wide big players like Shell, Procter & Gamble, N26, and Delivery Hero. That is why 0ur knowledge about LinkedIn™ profile optimization service is broad and easily applicable to you and your industry.

Our service reaches into several industries, like startups, banking, automotive, pharmaceuticals, textile, and much more.

The LinkedIn™ Personal Brand Setup is our personal strength. We use proven methods to boost your visibility in the biggest career network.

Get the most out of your LinkedIn™ with our Personal Branding Setup.  We form your most individual social media asset.

The importance of growing your personal brand on LinkedIn™

Think of the brand that is carried by your phone, your favorite running shoes, or the golden-red fast food franchise you can occasionally stop at. What these brands all have in common is that they spread instant emotions and convey their values in benefits when you just hear their names!

This phenomenon not only occurs at big brands that operate globally but is also transferable to individuals in leadership, managerial, or entrepreneurial positions just like you. A strong personal brand will grant you instant recognition among your audience and the desire within it to interact with you and thereby drive your sales, improve your recruiting pipeline, or whatever goal you have set to achieve.

Why LinkedIn™ is the go-to platform to showcase your personal brand

With author-friendly algorithms that spread your posts rapidly to engaged members, it’s currently quite simple to inspire people over LinkedIn™. But not only that. LinkedIn™ sees vast numbers of new members on a daily basis and is one of the fastest-growing social networks existing at the moment. It enjoys huge popularity among decision-makers and recruiters and is therefore perfect to convey your purpose and value proposition to others.

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