In 2017, 122 million people received an interview by LinkedIn, and you can be one of them by creating a complete and impressive profile on the social media platform, and adding interest on LinkedIn lets you do just that.

So, before we find out how to add interest on LinkedIn, let’s get to know the platform a little better.

For working professionals, a great platform to connect with potential employers and colleagues and apply for better jobs is LinkedIn. It’s like creating a profile page that serves as a resume where you highlight your education, achievements, talents, and work experience to those who might want to see it.

Creating an appealing and strong profile on LinkedIn creates a strong possibility for you to get in touch with people for related interests. It also appears interesting for recruiters and companies looking for candidates with a profile like yours.

Your LinkedIn profile can be more than just a resume. It’s your entry into the biggest professional network.

How To Add Interests On LinkedIn?

The LinkedIn profile of any individual tells about his/her work experience in the related field with different organizations. Along with that, it has a detailed description of the educational background of any individual with a LinkedIn profile.

People add their endorsements and skills in their LinkedIn profile to let others know about their skills, but that is not all. LinkedIn also has other options where you can add additional information about yourself. One of them is the addition of interests.

Why Add Interests In Your LinkedIn Profile?

At the start of 2017, LinkedIn introduced the interest area in the additional information section. Adding your interest in the LinkedIn profile is an interesting feature and an important factor that usually people do not focus on but creates a good impact.

Most people think that others normally don’t care about your interests. But when people surfing through different profiles come at yours and see your interests, they might have an impression of your additional qualities and consider those.

It may be surprising, but the interest section of the LinkedIn profile has more weightage than you think. It connects one with a reader or recruiter on a better level as it showcases your personality. They might get a reason to know you further and meet on a deeper level.

How To Add Interests On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great tool that should not be used passively. An underlying basis of LinkedIn is to manage the application in the right way, connecting with other professionals, and updating the profile to be 100% complete.

However, you cannot expect potential employers to visit your profile by leaving the account untouched for a longer period. LinkedIn has about over 20 million open jobs. Thus, the odds are pretty high that your dream job is there too.

The question is “how to add interest on LinkedIn” in a strategic way to get your dream job?

Simply, follow these steps to add interest to your LinkedIn profile:

  • At first, visit your profile page and scroll down at the bottom of the LinkedIn profile where you will see the additional information section.
  • Click on this section and scroll down to see the add ‘interest’ option.
  • Then click on the pencil icon. It will allow you to enter edit mode.
  • Type your interests at the text type field
  • If you have added more than six interest in the LinkedIn profile, there will be a ‘see all’ button, which shows a list of all the interests, whether it is groups, schools, or companies.
steps to add interest to your LinkedIn

Add Relevant Interests

People prefer to work with friendly people who have a life other than work. Adding right and relevant interest can be a good reason and conversation starter for your readers and recruiters to contact you as well as to discuss opportunities. Therefore, you need to be careful when adding interests.

  • The interest you choose must be related to the target audience, be real, and professional. For example, you may like horse riding or hiking, but when it comes to adding LinkedIn interests, you have to choose those interests which are relevant to the education or job roles.
  • Your interests should reflect on how the target audience should see you. For instance, if you want to show the audience your tech-savvy side. Then mention that you like the latest gadgets, coding websites, or building computers for non-profit organizations.
  • On the other hand, if the target readers are book lovers, make sure to mention your love for books on particular topics. For LinkedIn, which is a social media platform, always be smart with the information you want to share with others.
  • Try not to mention the interests that possibly spark worry or might require a discussion. Show your interest in a way so that the target reader does not move on to the next profile and find your interest appropriate.

Your Political Interests

We don’t recommend adding your political interests on LinkedIn. Why? Well, that is very easy to explain. There are a lot of people who say politics doesn’t belong to LinkedIn. That decision is of course up to you. But there are recruiters or people who will check your interests. And if they see a politician they don’t like they won’t contact you.

Political Interests LinkedIn
Final Words

So, now you know “how to add interest on LinkedIn.”  The thing is, making a decision based on the LinkedIn interest is real. Recruiters and managers draw more towards you if your interests are relatable and give them a reason to contact you. But of course, they are not so important as you may think.

Niclas Schlopsna

Niclas Schlopsna

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